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Hello!  And welcome to my website.

I’m Judith of Judith Frey Green Building Consulting.   I'll work with you to green and detox your business and your home.




What’s in it for you?   Plenty it turns out….

Reduce Energy Consumption

 ~ Reduce energy use and costs

 ~ Conserve energy for future generations



 ~ Protect your water supply

 ~ Conserve water use

 ~ Reduce water bills



 ~ Adding value to your company & brand

 ~ Shows caring for peoples concerns

 ~ Increase your visibility

 ~ Attract more customers/clients


Create a Healthful Environment

 ~ Improve indoor air quality

 ~ Reduce toxic chemical exposure

 ~ Improve human health

 ~ Reduce health care costs

 ~ Reduce health insurance costs

Due to Improved IAQ Employees will have

 ~ Increased productivity

 ~ Reduced absenteeism

 ~ Increased employer/employee satisfaction

 ~ Attract the best employees



 ~ Reduce risks & costs due to lawsuits

 ~ Protect your bottom line



 ~ Become a green leader

 ~ Inspire other business owners

 ~ Increase your influence


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Judith Frey Green Building Consulting

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